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1958 J-35 Bonanza - N8326D
Total Time 5200
SMOH 0 factory 285 h.p. O-520
Prop 900 total time Hartzell 3-blade BlackMac
Annual fresh
Paint New (White/Teal/Brown)
Panel New
Glass New

Dual KX-170 B's (720 channel)
UPS GX-55 GPS with map
Marker Beacons
KMA-20 audio panel

Note: This is a "ground up" restoration. The J-model Bonanza is the first of the "heavy" Bonanzas. Beech beefed up the original Bonanza, and made enough changes that they had to recertify the airplanes. The airplanes were strong enough that they were certified in the Utility category. This extra structure made them eligible for the D'Shannon engine upgrade to a modern 285 h.p. O-520.
This much-modified airplane has the D'Shannon heavy glass throughout, with side vents left and right side. It has the Speed Sloped windshield, and the D'Shannon new panel (center stacked radios). It has Cleveland wheels and brakes, and has Flight Extender tip tanks, for a total fuel capacity of 100 gallons. The airframe is bright and clean.
You can own this modern, fast, long-range airplane for far less than a new 172. Compare it with the AOPA "better than new" Bonanza from last year - this is a bargain!

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