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1967 C-55 Baron - N2724T
Total TIme: 5588
Right Engine: 840 SMOH 972 SPOH
Left Engine: ZERO SMOH 972 SPOH

Annual Due: Aug. 2003
ELT Due: April 2003
Static/Transponder Due: April 2003

New paint and interior

King KX-170B nav/Com with GS
King KX-170A nav/Com
King KN-65 DME
King KN-74 RNAV
King-KT-70 Model S Transponder ($5,500!)
Bendix T-12-D ADF
RCA-AVQ-47 radar
EDO-Air Century III autopilot w/couplers

Options & Extras
Large baggage door de-ice boots
Radome Alcohol props
Electric trim Windshield

This airplane was Beechs' developmental test bed until 1974.
The airplane has the beefed-up wing and gear of the heavier
Model 56TC, and the simpler 2 tank (136 gallons useable) fuel
system developed for the Model 58. It has the Model 58 cowlings
and instrument panel. The airplane was sold to Business Air Services, who employed United Beechcraft to certify it. The airplane has a normal type certificate, and is certified as a C-55 BAS. Aircraft logs begin on this date, and all work is carefully documented. The aircraft was a personal aircraft of multimillionaire Bob Pond (Tennant Corp/Planes of Fame).

Price : $ 135,000.00

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